Lucida Collective
Lucida Collective is a network of lens-based new media artists which emerged from the Clancy-Quay Professional Development Programme during the early Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020
As recent graduates we attempt to collectively navigate what it means to sustain an artistic practice post-graduation and during such uncertain times.
sustaining practices
Lucida was formed as a collaborative space, project and process, where we create connection during isolation, tangibility in virtual space, and work to adapt to our new precarious world; embracing the fluidity of our making and the equally changeable world it's embedded in.
Connecting across the island of Ireland, we meet through weekly Zoom conversations, crits and collaborations. All of Lucida’s practical support and creative imaginings begin with discussion, and we let our direction organically grow from there; shared thoughts and ideas developing into tangible collaborative artworks. As a collective we are interested in ideas and unfinished drafts, multiplicity and growth over finitude and finished objects. We ascribe to Peter Osborne’s idea of the artwork as a ‘process’ of ‘infinite becomings’. This concept, balmed in our shared connectivity and care; is our essence.
As well as a creative collaborative space, Lucida is a personal and artistic network of care; a space where each member, and their individual practice, is nurtured and supported. As individuals our work spans the breadth of lens-based media; from photography to video, installation to VR/3D modelling. Our mediums are as varied as our conceptual interests. As artists we are distinct and individual, within Lucida, we are connected by our collective strengths.
collectively navigating
creating connection
making tangible
embracing fluidity
multiplicity and growth
a network of care
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